Dr. Deshusses' broad research interests are related to the design, analysis and application of processes for the bioremediation of contaminated air, water and soils. One area of on-going research is bioreactors for air pollution control. Results from this work have resulted among others in a better fundamental understanding of how volatile organics and odors are biodegraded in waste air biofilters and biotrickling filters. It has also been used recently to convert odor control chemical scrubbers to high efficiency biotrickling filters at wastewater treatment plants. Another area of ongoing research is the development of biotreatment processes to treat groundwater contaminated with gasoline additives MTBE and TBA and rocket propellant perchlorate. Results from this work are being applied in the field. Other ongoing research include the development of gas-phase sensors based on functionalized nanomaterials, the use of biomolecular techniques for monitoring microorganisms in complex mixed cultures, and mathematical modeling of environmental bioprocesses. Other research interests include bioenergy, biofilms and biofouling, combined chemical and biological treatment of wastes, indoor air quality, and nanomaterials for environmental remediation.