Deshusses' Lab Current Members


Marc Deshusses

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Project Manager

Kathy Jooss

Project Manager, SCWO, ADPL projects
PhD Students MS Students

Ashley Gibbs

MS Student, Global Health

Mahendra Joshi

SCWO System Engineer
Postdocs Research Associates

Luke Amrhein

Operations Engineer

Walter Beckwith

Research Engineer, SCWO project

David Bollinger

Research Engineer

Sheng (Desi) Deng

Visiting PhD Student, from Harbin Institute of Technology

Lucas Rocha Melogno

Research Engineer, ADPL and Water Filtration projects

Graham Miller

Research Engineer, ADPL & SCWO projects

Kobe Nagar

Sr. Process Engineer

Lei Zhang

Visiting Professor, on sabbatical from the Dalian Ocean University

Yu Zhang

Visiting Professor, on sabbatical from the Dalian University of Technology
Undergraduate Students


MS Students
Xintong Qiu
MS Student, CEE
Kurabachew Duba
Sherif Elsayed
Jiele Xu
Jiele Xu
Florencia Yedro
Research Associates
José Benjumea
Visiting PhD Student, from Cadiz University
Nazia Khatoon
Visiting PhD Student, from Quaid I Azam University Islamabad