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November 27, 2012

November 2012

Sanitation for developing countries news: a lot is going on... we are actively engaged in discussions with different partners to demonstrate our digester-sterilizer technology in the field in 2013. Also Marc is advising two groups of students (one mechanical engineering team and one from the Certificate in Energy and the Environment) who, for their capstone design project, will develop a small (uncompressed) biogas heat and power co-generator... stay tuned.

Cavanaugh wins the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Carolina 2013 Grand Conceptor Engineering Excellence Award for the Loyd Ray Farms project. See more at  link (and of course some pictures of the system in earlier news below).

August 2012


Marc and Joan attend the Reinvent the Toilet Fair organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. See our paper (Gates&FSM2 paper.pdf) with early results on our anaerobic digester combined with a heat sterilization/recovery system.

We are also welcoming new graduate students Aaron Forbis-Stokes (Ph.D.) and Lilya Ouksel(MS) to the research team working on the Gates sanitation project.

July 2012

Marc is spending the month of July in Ales France, in the "odor and VOC" team of Prof. Jean-Louis Fanlo (see in French).

June 2012

Matt Strickland successfully defended his MS thesis titled Investigation of Secondary Phases Including Ionic Liquids for Biphasic Bioreactors Treating Hydrophobic VOCs. Congrats!

May 2012

We are welcoming Charles (Chip) Ellis, REU student originally from High Point, NC, now undergraduate at the University of Alabama.

April 2012

Two new MS from Deshusses' group... Osman Karatum: Treatment of Low Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds by Non-Thermal Plasma and Scott Loughery: Calcium Sulfate Precipitation in Biotrickling Filters Treating Hydrogen Sulfide. Congratulations! (pictures coming soon)

March 2012

Joan Colon

Joan Colon, for the Autonomous University of Barcelona joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Joan is working on novel sanitation technology (Gates Foundation project). It looks like he is already working on something!