Innovations in Waste Treatment and Resources Recovery Technologies

Dr. Deshusses' broad research interests are related to the design, analysis and application of processes for the remediation of contaminated air, water, sediments and soils, anaerobic digestion and sanitation technologies for developing countries.

A current focus is on novel reactors and processes for air, water and solid wastes treatment. Applications include treatment of odors and air toxics, recalcitrant pollutants (e.g., PFAS), biogas production, and novel sanitation and treatment technologies.

Research Interests Include:

  • Supercritical water oxidation
  • Treatment of emerging contaminants (e.g., PFAS)
  • Bioreactors for air pollution control and gas processing
  • Sanitation for less developed countries
  • Bioenergy and waste-to-energy processes
  • Biofilms, biomolecular techniques for monitoring microorganisms in complex mixed cultures
  • Indoor air quality control, bioaerosols, SARS-CoV-2
  • Mathematical modeling for process intensification
  • Entrepreneurship